PC Disk Failure Twickenham

“Very pleased with the service. Many thanks for recovering my files, following the failure of my PC, which would not boot up anymore.”

Jack Morris, Twickenham

A 2TB HGST hard disk drive arrived from Twickenham at our data recovery office in Fleet Street, London. An examination by our hardware data recovery specialists of the drive found the spindle motor assembly had seized. The failure, which resulted in the drive failing to spin, was most likely caused by the drive operating at high temperature over an extended period of time.

The problem was overcome by our hardware data recovery engineers using donor part, allowing a sector-by-sector image of the drive to be secured. During the imaging process approximately a hundred unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

When our software data recovery engineers examined the drive image, they found a single 2TB NTFS partition. The volume was analysed and found to contain approximately 470GB of data files, comprising operating system and program files, mp3s, videos, digital photos, mailbox data and office documents. The recovered data was scanned revealing that the unreadable bad sectors had mostly affected operating system and program files, with only a couple of mp3 files damaged. The recoverable files were extracted and placed onto a new external USB hard disk drive for return to the customer.

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