Address Label

How you package your media for shipping is extremely important, otherwise additional damage could be caused affecting the chances of a successfully. By following our shipping recommendations your media should be fully protected from harm and ready for us to efficiently begin the recovery process.

  1. Your media should only be handled taking anti-static precautions to void causing any electronic damage
  2. An anti-static bag should be used before wrapping it in bubble wrap.
  3. We recommend using a box with foam inserts which should be at least double the size of the wrapped media.
  4. Pages 2 and 3 of the quote form must be completed and included with your media.
  5. Ensure the box is securely sealed.
  6. Chose the shipping Label for the appropriate office, which can be downloaded using the link below and printed out, before affixing it securely to the front of the package.
  7. Your job number should be inserted onto the Shipping Label.
  8. Please also indicate the level of service you require on the label.
  9. We also recommend using a courier service or insured delivery.

Download DiskEng London Office Shipping Label
Download DiskEng Oxford Office Shipping Label

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