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From our laboratory facilities located in central London, DiskEng offer a full range of data recovery services. Our office in Fleet Street is ideally situated to serve London and the surrounding area in the event of a disaster requiring data recovery.

The services provided by our London office on Fleet Street cover data recovery for all RAID, disk and tape storage solutions used by businesses, government agencies, consumers and institutes in the Clerkenwell area.

Clerkenwell is a central London area in the Borough of Islington, named after a well which was rediscovered in 1924. Clerkenwell is best known for its watchmakers and watch repairers. In the 1850’s the south-western area of Clerkenwell was nicknamed “Little Italy” being home to about 2,000 Italians at time. It remains their spiritual London home due to the presence of St Peter’s Italian Church, despite the Italian immigrant population having integrated across London.

Clerkenwell Data Recovery London

Clerk’s Well located in Farringdon Lane gives its name to the Clerkenwell area, clerken being the Middle English genitive plural of clerk, which means literate person or clergyman. Being outside the City of London walls, Clerkenwell was not subject to the same puritanical laws set done by the City fathers, therefore becoming a notorious area for lawlessness, drinking, gambling and many other activities considered undesirable. The area is featured in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 2 with Falsaff and his companions partaking of the local pleasures.

During the 17th century Clerkenwell Green became a fashionable area to live, with Oliver Cromwell owning a house just off the green. Several aristocrats moved to the area, including the Duke of Northumberland. The onset of the Industrial Revolution saw the area change, with breweries, distillieries, printers, watchmakers and clockmakers appearing. The area also became home to many craft shops, many still practicing traditional trades such as jewerly making. Many of the former industrial buildings have been converted since the 1980’s for loft-living, home for many young professionals, many employed in the numerous offices.

The area also contains many nightclubs, bars, public houses and restaurants, many of which are located on the northside of Smithfield Market. With the area home to mostly small to medium businesses and professionals, the major data recovery requirements are from laptop, desktop and external hard disk drives, with only a small demand for enterprise level RAID systems such as NAS and SAN arrays. The most recent feedback from customers in Clerkenwell requiring data recovery is below.


  • Failed RAID 0 Surrey Quays October 6, 2016

    "Thanks for the return of our data. Fortunately, all of the important files were undamaged following the failure of our RAID array. Excellent service. Very fast and kept us informed at all stages."

    Peter Gough, Surrey Quays Read more

  • Failed iMac Clerkenwell June 27, 2016

    "Brilliant service. Thought I lost some very important architectural plans when my iMac would not boot up. Very thankful to have them and my other data back again."

    Albert T Morgan, Clerkenwell Read more

Clerkenwell Data Recovery

Work or reside in the Clerkenwell area of London and require data recovery? Contact DiskEng now to discuss your data recovery requirements with one of our data recovery specialist, who can give advice and guide you through our data recovery services.

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