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If your hard disk drive fails, always power your computer down and DO NOT turn it back on. Do not take any risks with your data. Attempting to recover the data yourself may lead to loss of files. Leave running data recovery tools to the experts, such as DiskEng. The laboratory facilities of DiskEng are based in Oxford, Oxfordshire ideally located for easy access from London via the M40 or by train from Paddington mainline railway terminal. From other areas Oxford is easily accessible via the A34. Oxford airport lies north of the city in the Kiddlington area, ideal for those emergency situations where time is critical. The quality of the data recovery solution is key. At DiskEng our engineers have years of expertise and knowledge of recovering data from all types of storage device.

Trust the experts. Do not Panic.

When your computer hard disk drive fails there is usually only one chance at recovering your files. DiskEng data recovery solutions cover the entire United Kingdom. DiskEng advanced data recovery solutions are ideally located to serve England and Wales, in particular the Oxford, London and Birmingham areas. Our specialist data recovery services are also offered across Europe and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Server failed or Raid array gone offline?

When your server fails or RAID array goes offline, you should power the system down to minimise the risk of data loss. Our DiskEng engineers are trained to recover your data as fast as possible. Our emergency service is available whatever the time on a 24/7 365 days a year basis. On site or remote services are also available. All RAID systems and configurations are covered by our RAID recovery services, from the simplest two disk array right through to multi-level RAIDing schemes across tens of hard disk drives.

RAID system failures pose a significant data loss risk

When a RAID fails or other system failure occurs, it is time to stop and think through your actions. A panicked decision, such as attempting to run utilities or swapping drives could result in a serious and unnecessary loss of data. Leave the recovery work to the experts. Even with the redundancy provided with most RAID configurations, they are not immune to failure. If one disk fails, there is a high likelihood of another disk failing shortly after. A comprehensive business continuity plan should be in-place to ensure that in the event of a failure, everyone knows what action should be taken. This avoids making a rash decision which may exacerbate the problem and in the worse case total data loss.

Your Data Recovered Today

Advanced data recovery solutions for any storage media, from any file system and operating system

Hard Disk Recovery

Hard Disk Recovery

Only trust DiskEng, the experts, when your hard disk drives suffers a failure

Be it from laptop, desktop or server. Hardware failure or data corruption, DiskEng can recover the lost files from your hard disk

RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

When your RAID suffers a failure or goes offline, our RAID data recovery specialists will recover your important files.

Trust your data only to DiskEng, the RAID recovery specialists. All RAID's supports, such as RAID 0, RAID 5 to RAID 50.

Removable Media Recovery

Removable Media Recovery

At DiskEng we can recover your files from any memory cards, USB or SSD device

Whether damaged through logical corruption or physical damage we can recover your photos, office files and other from any removable media.

Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

We can help when you are unable to restore you files from your backup media, be it LTO, DLT, DAT or other tape.

Whether cause by physical damage or logical corruption of the backup, we can recover your files. All tape media and formats supported.

Data Recovery Specialists

Across the UK, DiskEng are widely recognised as one of the leading data recovery service providers. DiskEng provide solutions for hard disk drive recovery, server and RAID recovery, data backup tape recovery and removable media recovery. With years of knowledge and expertise spanning a couple of decades DiskEng have developed advanced data recovery techniques and hard disk engineering technology, to provide their solutions to businesses, government agencies, institutes and consumers from the UK, Europe & UAE.

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