Removable Media Recovery

Although internet speeds have increased, so has the amount of data we need to move from one place to another, often making it impractical to send the data directly from one computer to another. The need for compact storage devices which can be carried or sent in the post is high, either as a means of distributing software or shipping data to a client.

There are two classes of removable media, solid state devices, usually based on flash memory and rotating disk media, both of which DiskEng offer data recovery services for. Solid state devices can suffer physical damage through mishandling or logical damage such as may be caused as a result of removing the device unsafely. Rotating disk media which arrives for recovery is usually suffering physical damage, although it has been known for a corrupt ISO disk image to be written.

There are a vast range of removable media devices, some of which are listed below:

  • Kingston USB Thumb DrivesSD memory card
  • SDHC memory card
  • XD memory card
  • Compact flash
  • USB flash disk
  • Sony memory stick
  • SSD disk
  • And many others

Most rotating removable media is now obsolete with the exception of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disks:

  • CD/DVD/Blu-Ray
  • Floppy disk
  • Zip disk
  • Jaz disk
  • LS120
  • Optical MO disks
  • And many others

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