Seagate Personal Cloud

In January 2015 Seagate released two types of Personal Cloud Home Media Storage, the first containing a single hard disk drive up to a capacity of 5TB and a dual hard disk drive system with a maximum capacity of 8TB. The dual hard disk drive version can be configured as a mirrored pair, to provide redundancy, although it halves the capacity or as a striped pair. When attached to your network using the now common gigabit network it provides file access for any Windows and Mac OS X computer system attached to the local area network.

Seagate Personal CloudPrimarily aimed at the home user market, the Seagate Personal Cloud devices provide automatic backup software which can attach to a cloud service provider in order to allow your data to be both backed up and shared with any device from anywhere in the world.

The Seagate Personal Cloud Home Media Storage device is designed to be installed within your home and never moved, making it typically less vulnerable to damage than a standard external USB hard disk drive. They are however, subject to the same issues as any other device containing hard disk drives. If your Seagate Personal Cloud fails, you should power it down immediately and contact DiskEng, to discuss our data recovery services and procedures with a data recovery specialist.

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