Hard Disk Recovery

The DiskEng professional hard disk data recovery solutions provide the best possible chance of recovering your data files, with a success rate of over 94%. All of the DiskEng hard disk recovery services are undertaken by highly trained and qualified data recovery specialists, whose experience in some cases dates back to 1980 and all the way through to the most recent hard disk drive technology.

DiskEng take their hard disk data recovery facilities seriously, meaning that when you require hard disk data recovery, you will benefit from the very latest in cutting edge equipment and software used for testing and imaging. All of this technology is developed in-house, allowing us to recover your data whatever the issue and type of drive you are using. Some typical issues for which data recovery is required are listed below, in three categories.

  • User related issues

  • Data files deleted
  • Data files lost/missing
  • Data files corrupted
  • Files damaged
  • Malware/virus damage

Hard disk drive top removed

  • Physical problems

  • Clicking noises: Click of death
  • Read/write head failure
  • Power spike/surge
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Disk controller/electronics failure
  • Logical problems

  • System freezing/crash
  • BSOD – Blue Screen of Death
  • Corruption of File system
  • Corruption of OS (Operating system)
  • Data files overwritten

Call DiskEng today and talk with a data recovery specialist to discuss your data recovery requirements, who can guide you through our comprehensive professional hard disk diagnosis procedures and data recovery solutions.

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