RAID Data Recovery

Most RAID arrays are used for storing large quantities of important data, often vital to the operations of the business. Any failure could have serious consequences, which could bring everything to a halt and possibly risk the future of the company. At DiskEng we understand how important the data stored on your RAID array is, which is why our RAID recovery solutions are designed to access your data as fast as possible.

Every hour your business does not have access their data could be causing a serious loss of revenue. It is important to ensure that any data loss is minimized and that the files are returned as fast as possible, so you can resume your operations.

Our RAID data recovery specialists have over 15 years of experience in recovering data from RAID arrays of each RAID level, the storage architecture used in many complex arrays and the file system data structures. This level of expertise allows our RAID data recovery engineers to deal with any RAID system in a fast and efficient manner according to a set of strict guidelines which ensure your data is never put at risk.

Our data recovery specialists check the condition of each hard disk drive, before any attempt is made to access the raw data. Attempting to access a failed disk without any remedial work, such as a complete rebuild, could result in additional damage. It is important to take a sector-by-sector copy of each hard drive in the array to our secure servers.

Our development team have created in-house data recovery software which is used to analyse the secured images. Determining the exact RAID architecture and the configuration is usually only possible through a manual inspection of the data, which requires an in-depth knowledge of each part of how a RAID system is constructed. Once the configuration is determined a virtual RAID array can be created, which is then processed by our proprietary recovery tools to determine exactly which files can be recovered and whether any data has been damaged as a result of the failure.

There are many reasons why a RAID array can fail, some of which are listed below:

  • Hard disk failure in RAID
  • RAID array controller failure
  • RAID array gone offline
  • Failure during RAID rebuild
  • Hardware conflict
  • Configuration corruption
  • Volume segment missing
  • Volume mount failure
  • Deleted RAID array volume

Failure of your RAID array is an extremely worrying time, so rest assured that the DiskEng RAID array data recovery solutions can recovery your data, whatever the problem. If you require immediate assistance, do not hesitate to call us now to talk to our data recovery specialists today, or complete and send our online form.

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