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From our laboratory facilities located in central London, DiskEng offer a full range of data recovery services. Our office in Fleet Street is ideally situated to serve London and the surrounding area in the event of a disaster requiring data recovery.

The services provided by our London office on Fleet Street cover data recovery for all RAID, disk and tape storage solutions used by businesses, government agencies, consumers and institutes in the Hammersmith area.

Hammersmith is a West London area located in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Hammersmith is situated on the north bank of the River Thames, bordered by Fulham, Chiswick, Kensington and Shepherds Bush. Hammersmith Bridge provides a link south of the river to Barnes. Hammersmith is key commercial and employment zone in west London and a centre of a large Polish community. Hammersmith also forms an important transport in west London, home to two London Underground stations and a bus station located at Hammersmith Broadway. The Broadway Centre is also the commercial hub, housing a shopping centre and an office complex. Several roads lead away from the centre, housing more shops and office space.

Hammersmith Data Recovery London

The first mention of Hammersmith appears in 1294, under the name Hammersmyth, most likely derived from the Old English words, Hamor and Smyththe, meaning hammer and smithy respectively. The land formed part of the Manor Fulham, which was owned by the Bishop of London, whose country palace was located across the river in Putney. The area was originally heavily forested, in which pigs were kept. Eels, salmon and wildfowl were also a source of food from the area. The first parish church in Hammersmith was built in the 1660s by the owner of the Hammersmith brickworks. The area was also home to a nunnery and later several additional churches were built. In 1745 the Vineyard Nursery was established, devoted mainly to plants used in landscaping. In the following century and half, many new species of plants were introduced to Britain. The Hammersmith Suspension Sridge was completed in 1827 and rebuilt in 1893, providing another important crossing to the south side of the River Thames.

Hammersmith is an area with a large mix of residents and companies, mostly providing shopping and services. The data recovery requirements from Hammersmith are therefore mixed, although the main demand is from desktop, laptop and external hard disk drives and USB storage devices. With several companies and several home users implementing RAID systems there is a demand for data recovery from RAID arrays, ranging from small scale NAS units through to enterprise level units, including SAN systems. Whatever your storage system, its capacity and the failure which has occurred to it, DiskEng have the data recovery solution to suit your requirements. The most recent feedback from customers in Hammersmith requiring data recovery is below.


  • Disk Missing in BIOS Hammersmith December 16, 2016

    "Many thanks for recovering my data following my computer crashing. The PC shop suggested sending the drive for data recovery."

    John Carroll, Hammersmith Read more

Hammersmith Data Recovery

Live or work in the Hammersmith area of London and require data recovery? Contact DiskEng now to discuss your data recovery requirements with one of our data recovery specialist, who can give advice and guide you through our data recovery services.

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