Data Recovery Facilities

At DiskEng we fully understand the importance of your data in the everyday running of your business without which its future is at risk. As a data recovery company, we have ensured that our engineers have the best possible training, while our hardware and structural organisation are tailored to provide the maximum protection to your data.

In order to maintain our position as the recognised UK data recovery service provider, it has been important for us to invest heavily in both our hardware infrastructure and the technical capabilities of our data recovery specialists. This has been a continual process which ensures that we can provide you with the best chance possible of recovering your data.

Data security and management are of the utmost importance when you entrust your data to a third party, such as a data recovery company. By using the very latest IT hardware infrastructure in our engineering facilities, you can be assured that your data is in the safest hands possible.

  • Data CentreSecure access control system
  • Security monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Secure Petabyte data recovery servers
  • Research and development labs
  • Dedicated data recovery laboratory areas
  • Use of advanced data recovery techniques and tools
  • Immediate data backup servers to safeguard all data

In our data recovery facilities we use a live job monitoring system which is managed by our customer services team and data recovery specialists. This ensures that the latest information about your data recovery is easily accessible .

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