RAID 0 Recovery

RAID-0-arrayOften called a striped array the RAID 0 level stripes the data in chunks equally across each disk in the array in sequence. The RAID 0 configuration does not however contain any redundancy, so it is essential that you have a backup strategy in place to ensure your data is not put at risk.

RAID 0 striped arrays are most often used when data transfer speeds are essential, but this strategy does mean that if even a single disk fails in the array, the RAID will fail and your data will be inaccessible. Even if the data for a particular file is not recorded on the failed disk, it will still be unavailable to the operating system.

At DiskEng we have seen many examples of RAID 0 arrays which have arrived for data recovery following the failure of one or more hard disk drives, from the simplest two drive array to complex multi-disk setups involving tens of hard drives. Through this experience and their expertise our RAID data recovery engineers can recover the data from your RAID 0 array.

The success of the recovery process is very much dependent upon the extent of the failure which has occurred. Any ill-advised attempts at recovering the data may also affect the recovery process, which in the worst case could result in a total loss of data.

When a set of hard disk drives arranged in a RAID 0 configuration arrive for recovery, it is essential to overcome any hardware issues which may be present on the drives comprising the array. Once any issues have been fixed, a sector-by-sector image of each drive in the array is then secured to one our data recovery servers in order to ensure the integrity of the data.

Once an image of each drive has been secured, our RAID data recovery specialists will then analyse the data on each drive to determine the correct stripe length of RAID scheme and sequence of the drives in the array. A virtual RAID array can then be setup, which allows our in-house software to process the file systems held on the array.

Over the years our engineers have seen RAID 0 arrays arrive for data recovery due to a number of different problems such as a hard disk failure, controller card failure, configuration loss and partition damage resulting from a hardware issue which may take the array offline. User errors and logical issues have been seen, such as deleting or formatting a volume and swapping disks.

When disaster strikes causing your RAID 0 array to fail, DiskEng are at hand to help. With our RAID 0 data recovery services you can assured that we can recover your data, whatever the problem and number of hard disks in the array.

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