SSD Drive Recovery

Most SSD (Solid State Device) technology being manufactured in 2016 is based on NAND flash memory chips. Until the prices started to drop, they were mainly used in high-end laptops, desktops and servers, mainly serving as the drive containing the operating system. The increased speed in data access provided by using an SSD makes them ideal for this use, reducing the boot time considerably as well as applications loading faster than using a traditional spinning hard disk.

By allowing multiple memory chips to be accessed in parallel the read/write times for an SDD are extremely fast. With no moving parts, such as platters and read/write heads, it was considered that the failure rates will be much lower, although more data is required from real world use to determine if this is true.

The bad news is, that SSDs can still fail, typically due to a failure of the controller, a malfunction in the flash memory chip architecture or electronic damage to the printed circuit board. Circuit board failures are most commonly due to a power surge or the failure of the computer’s power supply.

DiskEng have also built up a wealth of experience in recovering data from a large number of USB flash memory devices, such as memory sticks, pen-drives and thumb-drives. This experience has been invaluable in developing our hardware and software recovery solutions, allowing us to directly access the raw data stored on the SSD NAND flash memory chips.

Samsung 850 Pro SSDOur (R&D) research and development programme, has been successful in allowing us to process the data striping and data interleaving on the memory chips using our own software enabling us to recover the stored data files. Many of the different SSD drives we have seen for recovery, use the same complex architecture in which to store data. Although this is a complex procedure our success rate so far has been over 74% for the SSD drives sent to DiskEng for SSD drive data recovery.

A list of the SSD drive manufacturers we have been successful in recovering data from are list below:


Trust only the experts. If you require SSD drive data recovery, contact DiskEng the UK leader in professional data recovery from flash drives and SSD technology.

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