Desktop Disk Recovery

Our data recovery specialists at DiskEng have over 15 years of experience in recovering data from all types of hard disk drives, including 3.5” and 5.25” desktop hard disks. Through our experience we have a full understanding of the causes and consequences of hard disk failures and how to recover the data stored on them.

Lenovo Desktop PCThe vast majority of desktop computers or other data storage systems will contain at least one desktop hard disk drive. While these will typical work without fault for many years, often beyond the useful lifetime of the computer, all hard disks are likely to fail at some time.

There are many symptoms which can indicate a desktop hard disk failure, such as excessive noise, clicking or knocking sounds or even failing to make any sound at all. During the Power On Self Test (POST) it is not uncommon for the BIOS to report “disk not recognized” or immediately after report “operating system not found.”

Such symptoms indicate a severe physical fault with the desktop hard disk which usually results in a complete failure of the drive. In order to avoid the situation becoming worse and causing further damage or data loss, you should immediately turn your computer off and contact DiskEng to discuss with one of our data recovery specialists how to proceed with the recovery of data from your desktop drive.

The following list contains some of the common causes of failure in desktop hard disk drives:

  • WD Desktop DrivePower surge/spike
  • Mechanical failure of internal components
  • Drive overheating
  • Logical data damage
  • Operator errors
  • Malicious damage

Our experience has shown us that although there have been many advances in hard disk drive technology and the reliability has improved immensely, the cause of failures is the same as they were 15 years or more years ago.

In the event of your desktop hard disk drive failing it is common to take your computer back to the shop you purchased it from. It is worth bearing in mind that if your desktop hard disk contains important data, it should be recovered by a professional data recovery service first, as the computer shop is usually only concerned with getting your computer working.

To receive a quote for recovering the data from your desktop hard disk please complete and submit our online form. Alternatively, you can pick up the phone and call us today to discuss your data recovery requirements.

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