Founded in 1998, DiskEng® Data Recovery was based in the City of London undertaking computer recovery and peripheral repair. Experimental hard disk engineering technology and repair techniques were developed, which are still relevant to the most modern hard drives.

After being contacted by a large number of clients in a panic over failed hard drives, the potential for undertaking hard disk data recovery was realised. DiskEng® Data Recovery used their vast working knowledge of hard disk drives to develop further unique techniques allowing the drive of a client to be rebuilt, enabling them to successfully recover all the data. Once word of our service was passed around by word of mouth, the number of data recoveries increased in volume.

Initially DiskEng® Data Recovery focussed their services to the London area. It soon became apparent that a more convenient location would allow them to provide their data recovery services to wider area by relocating the headquarters to Oxford. This central location allowed DiskEng® Data Recovery to provide a better service to rest of the UK.

With further investment DiskEng® Data Recovery underwent a rapid growth allowing them to increase their portfolio of available services. In the UK DiskEng® Data Recovery are now recognised as the leading data recovery service provider, covering all sectors of the data recovery market from government agencies, businesses and consumers throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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