Data Recovery Process

When you first contact DiskEng, our customer services team and data recovery engineers will provide you with full guidance about our data recovery process. Important information detailing our services, terms and conditions and stage one diagnosis form will be sent to you.

Stage 1 Diagnosis

Our stage one diagnosis is designed to determine the exact fault with your storage media, secure the data and determine how much of the data can be successfully recovered. During the initial assessment the reported problem is taken into account, making it essential that you give full details of everything that happened and any actions taken following the problem occurring.

Once the diagnosis is complete you will receive a report from the engineer detailing the results, along with a fixed quotation for the recovery stage of the process. You are under no obligation to proceed with the second stage of the recovery process.

Stage 2 Recovery

The stage two recovery phase involves our specialists using our in-house developed software and techniques to extract your data files. Once your files are extracted these will be returned on the media of your choice, such as DVD, USB hard disk or tape data cartridge.

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