Data Recovery

What Is Data Recovery?

The definition of data recovery within the computing world, is the process of extracting data from storage media which is inaccessible using normal methods, due to physical damage of the media or corruption of the data structures.

The data from any storage solution can be recovered, whatever the format, ranging from enterprise level RAID storage arrays through laptop, desktop, server and external drives to any type of removable media, such CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and USB thumb drives.

When Is Data Recovery Required?

When the data stored on your storage device, including system and user files are no longer accessible due to logical or physical damage of the storage media, data recovery will be required in order to gain access to it.

Physical damage to your storage media can occur for several reasons, for example general wear and tear, overheating due to an extreme operating environment and impact damage such as dropping a drive or hitting it.

Any action which causes the data on the media to be altered causing corruption of the data, the file system or operating system is considered logical damage. Examples of how this can occur may be the result of a power failure, malicious software and system crashes. Deliberate or accidental deletion or reformatting of a data volume are also considered examples of logical damage.

The table below gives a range of scenarios for which data recovery will be required in order to gain access to your data.

Typical Data Recovery Scenarios

Hard Disk Drives
BIOS does not detect hard disk
Clicking noises from hard disk drive
Hard disk does not spin up
Hard disk was reinitialised
Partition was deleted or reformatted
Partition has become inaccessible
Operating system will not boot
Computer freezes or crashes
Computer reboots continually
Disk failure reported by OS or BIOS
Blue or Blank screen displayed
Missing, lost or deleted data files
File or files will not open
RAID and Server
Server refuses to boot
Disk failure reported by Server
Server runs slowly or freezes
Server reboots continuously
Server reporting error codes
RAID controller or backplane failure
Hard disk in RAID failed
RAID array went offline
RAID configuration lost or corrupt
RAID volume missing or deleted
Server files deleted or lost
File on server locked
Server file corruption
Tape Backup Media
Tape refuses to load or unload
Backup tape media snapped
Media tape unspooled
Media will not catalogue
Tape drive reports block errors
Read errors reported on media
Backup reports missing tape
Corrupt data restored from tape
Backup set is not recognised
Backup set is incomplete
Backups fails to restore
Tape media reinitialised
Tape media overwritten

Data Recovery Required, We Can Help

The DiskEng advanced data recovery services are designed to recover your data securely and swiftly so your business can be back up and running with the minimum of delay. If you have a data recovery enquiry, you can fill in our online quote form or for immediate assistance you can contact us now. Our emergency service is available to help anytime 24/7, 365 days a year.

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