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From our laboratory facilities located in central London, DiskEng offer a full range of data recovery services. Our office in Fleet Street is ideally situated to serve London and the surrounding area in the event of a disaster requiring data recovery.

The services provided by our London office on Fleet Street cover data recovery for all RAID, disk and tape storage solutions used by businesses, government agencies, consumers and institutes in the Richmond upon Thames area.

Richmond is a suburban town in within the London Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames in southwest London. Richmond is located on a bend of the River Thames and well known for a large number of open spaces, parklands and conservation areas, including Richmond Park. Richmond was founded in the 16th century after Henry VII built Richmond Palace, from which the town was given its name. Richmond Bridge was completed in the 18th century along with the building of many Georgian terraced houses, concentrated in the Richmond Green and Richmond Hill areas.

Richmond upon Thames Data Recovery UK

Previous to the building of Richmond Bridge a ferry service was operated for crossing the River Thames. Richmond continued to expand and prosper during the 19th century, with many luxury houses built in Richmond Hill along with many shops in the town centre important for serving the expanding population. Richmond is an important retail area within the area, home to many large retail outlets. It is also home to independent businesses, including convenience stores, restaurants, cafes and boutique shops covering many retail sectors. Richmond is also home to the headquarters of several multi-national companies and head offices of many other companies.

With Richmond also now considered a growing technology industry area, it means the data recovery covers a wide range of storage solutions, from enterprise level RAID arrays as well as desktop, laptop and external hard disk drives. Whatever the problem and capacity of your storage solution, DiskEng have the data recovery service to suit your requirements. The most recent feedback from customers in Richmond upon Thames requiring data recovery is below.


  • Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording Progress January 20, 2017 While advances in PMR and SMR techniques will see a steady increase in drive capacity over the next year, HAMR is the next hard disk drive technology which needs to complete development to safeguard the future of hard disk drive manufacturers. The original prediction for the release of HAMR drives was for 2015, but as of 2017 there have no products released, despite the first demonstrations by Western Digital being made in 2013. Read more
  • Deleted Linux Partition Merton January 18, 2017

    ”Many thanks for returning my very important files, after I mistakenly deleted both partitions from my disk. I attempted to recreate the partition table, but the volume failed to mount, so decided data recovery was the best option."

    Roland Hayward, Merton Read more

  • Disk Read/Write Head Technology January 13, 2017 The role of the read/write head is to act as a transducer, converting electrical signals to magnetic signals when writing data and the opposite during the read cycle. The read/write heads contain tiny electromagnets which convert the zeros and ones comprising the data bits to and from the magnetic flux reversals which are used to ... Read more
  • Seagate 10TB IronWolf Pro Released January 5, 2017 Earlier last year Seagate released the first enterprise level 10TB hard disk drives onto the market which do not use techniques that reduce data transfer throughput. The drives as is now industry standard are helium filled and hermetically sealed, allowing for lower vibration and power requirements. Read more
  • Disk Missing in BIOS Hammersmith December 16, 2016

    "Many thanks for recovering my data following my computer crashing. The PC shop suggested sending the drive for data recovery."

    John Carroll, Hammersmith Read more

Richmond upon Thames Data Recovery

Live or work in the Richmond upon Thames area of London and require data recovery? Contact DiskEng now to discuss your data recovery requirements with one of our data recovery specialist, who can give advice and guide you through our data recovery services.

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