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From our laboratory facilities located in central London, DiskEng offer a full range of data recovery services. Our office in Fleet Street is ideally situated to serve London and the surrounding area in the event of a disaster requiring data recovery.

The services provided by our London office on Fleet Street cover data recovery for all RAID, disk and tape storage solutions used by businesses, government agencies, consumers and institutes in the Fulham area.

Fulham is an area of southwest London in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, on the north bank of the River Thames. Fulham is classified as an inner London area, being only 3.7 miles southwest of Charing Cross. It is most famous for being the home to two football club, Fulham and Chelsea. Recent archealogical finds have shown Neolithic people lived at the riverside approximately 5,000 years ago. Roman settlements dating fromm the 3rd and 4th centuries AD have also been found in the Fulham area. In its earlier form Fulham was named “Fulanhamme” either the place of fowls or mud, or alternatively land in the crook of a river bend belonging to an Anglo Saxon chief name Fulla.

Fulham Data Recovery UK

Danish invaders sailing up the Thames in 879 AD are said to have spent the winter in the area. Thhe original wooden Fulham Bridge built in 1729 was replaced with Putney Bridge in 1886. During the 18th century Fulham had a bad reputation being an area many wealthy Londoners visited for gambling and other pleasure pursuits of ill repute. For the first half of the 20th century Fulham was a working class area, but following the Second World War extensive restoration was undertaken, leading to it now being one of the most expensive and exclusive areas of London.

The economy of Fulham is wide mixture of small and medium sized business, ranging from hotels and restaurants, general retailers and botiques shops, through to many establishments servicing all parts of the motor trade. The main data recovery demand from the Fulham area is from desktop, laptop and external hard disk, with only limited demand from enterprise level storage solutions, such as SAN and NAS RAID arrays. The most recent feedback from customers in Fulham requiring data recovery is below.


Fulham Data Recovery

Live or work in the Fulham area of London and require data recovery? Contact DiskEng now to discuss your data recovery requirements with one of our data recovery specialist, who can give advice and guide you through our data recovery services.

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