Emergency Help

Emergency Data Recovery Services

When disaster strikes, it is important not to panic as time is critical. The continuity of your business may be at stake without access to your data. DiskEng operating emergency data recovery services which are available any time on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.

It is critical that when a disaster occurs, you immediately power the system off before contacting DiskEng for guidance and advice on how to proceed with recovering your data.

It is important to minimise the time period over which you are unable to access the data on your storage solution, be it a USB stick, external hard disk, desktop drive or even a multi-desk RAID server with tens of disk providing many terabytes of data storage space.

Our team of data recovery specialists are trained to provide a professional service in our dedicated laboratory facilities. We understand that your data is vitally important and guarantee to minimise the any potential data loss with the least possible down time.

Emergency Response Service

  • Whatever the time, day or night technical professional will handle your enquiry
  • Guidance and advice is given from your first contact
  • Our system gives every enquiry a unique for the full recovery to aid tracking
  • All media is received or collected in person as well as the recovered data

Emergency Service Details

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