Cloud Data Recovery

In the rare event of your cloud server failing, DiskEng Cloud Data Recovery services have developed techniques and software which allow them to recover your data files. Access to cloud server storage is usually provided through a fibre channel SAN (Storage Area Network), NFS (Network File System) or iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) protocols allowing data volumes and virtual storage space to be shared across a network. Most data centres employ 10Gbit/s network switches often with multiple cards to increase the data throughput.

With the multiple safeguards used with failover servers and backup systems, most failures are due to operator errors, such as:

  • Overwriting logical volume
  • Overwritten data files
  • Files deleted
  • Deleted partition or logical volume
  • Accidental reformatting of volume

The DiskEng software development team are able to access iSCSI devices to which the correct security authorization has been granted. An initial diagnosis can be made remotely by our data recovery specialists, in the event of a failure of a data volume held on a single or multiple iSCSI devices. This allows them to determine the best course of action to recover your data.

In the event of a cloud server failure, contact DiskEng to discuss our professional cloud recovery services, available on a 24/7 basis.

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