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From our laboratory facilities located in central London, DiskEng offer a full range of data recovery services. Our office in Fleet Street is ideally situated to serve London and the surrounding area in the event of a disaster requiring data recovery.

The services provided by our London office on Fleet Street cover data recovery for all RAID, disk and tape storage solutions used by businesses, government agencies, consumers and institutes in the Battersea area.

Battersea is an inner-city district of south London within the borough of Wandsworth, previously part of Surrey. Battersea is famous for the being home to its iconic power station, which dominates the skyline. Battersea is a mainly residential area, but also home to New Covent Garden Market and the Royal Academy of Dance.  The area includes Battersea Park and bordered by Wandsworth Common and Clapham Common. To better serve the residents, an extension through to Clapham Junction, of the London Underground Northern Line is under construction, with a station being built at Battersea Power Station. During Anglo-Saxon times Battersea is mentioned as “Badric’s Island” and later “Patrisey”. The area of Battersea was mainly reclaimed by draining marshland.

Battersea Data Recovery London

St. Mary’s Church marks the original centre of the village from the 9th century. In the Domesday Book the area, known at the time as Patricesy, was a mix of cultivated land, meadows and woodland. Until the Industrial Revolution, the area was mainly farmland, providing much of the food for the City of London and surrounding areas. From the 16th century many European craftsmen settled in the area, fleeing religious persecution, creating gardens and building mills, breweries, cloth dyeing and bleach and calico printing. The onset of the Industrial Revolution saw many industries set up along the riverside, including manufacturing of starch, silk, saltpetre, candles and crucibles, as with a malt house, corn mill and foundry. Many wharves were built along the river to serve these industries, later redeveloped in the late 20th century. Until this redevelopment, Battersea had largely been an industrial area, with poor housing.

With Battersea being a mainly residential area, most data recovery requirements are from failed or damaged laptop, external and desktop hard disk drives. There is also a small need for data recovery from larger scale storage devices, including enterprise level RAID array storage solutions, such as NAS and SAN systems. The most recent feedback from customers in Battersea requiring data recovery is below.


  • Dropped USB Drive Battersea November 30, 2016

    "After my external drive slipped off my desk onto the floor it would not appear on my laptop again. I took it back to the shop and they advised me to send it for data recovery, suggesting DiskEng. Great job recovering the most important files, particularly my scanned photos, my novels and accounts data. Many thanks."

    Steven Arnold, Battersea Read more

Battersea Data Recovery

Live or work in the Battersea area of London and require data recovery? Contact DiskEng now to discuss your data recovery requirements with one of our data recovery specialist, who can give advice and guide you through our data recovery services.

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