Data Recovery Specialist

When you require our data recovery services, it is important to know you can entrust us with your data. You expect DiskEng to provide the highest quality professional service, employing only engineers who have world class expertise and experience across a wide range of data storage solutions. The latest data recovery technology and equipment is only as good as the engineers using it, which is why DiskEng only employ data recovery specialists with the right levels of knowledge and experience.

To ensure that DiskEng provide the highest quality data recovery service, our data recovery specialists are required to have at least a degree level qualification; BEng or BSc in an appropriate subject. Our engineers on average now boast well over ten years of experience, in some cases over twenty years. During this time, they will have gained a vast array of knowledge from successfully recovering data from hundreds of failed hard disk drives and other storage media.

As with any technology related industry, it is important to keep a step ahead of the competition, which is why our research and development program is on-going. This allows our engineers to keep fully up-to-date with the latest techniques, developments in storage technology and software tools to help recover your data.

Although our data recovery engineers have their own specialised areas of knowledge and expertise, they have extensive training across all areas of data recovery. This allows our engineers to exchange ideas, in some cases enabling them to develop a new approach when known methods and techniques have been unable to produce a result. Our engineering team has skills cover a wide range of technical disciplines including software, data, system, hardware and electronic engineering.

Help is at Hand

The DiskEng engineers have a commitment to helping customers reduce any effects that they suffer as the result of data loss. Many businesses have struggled to survive following a loss of data through being unprepared with no business continuity plan in place. The statistics regarding companies suffering data loss makes grim reading with many going out of business within two years of the loss.

The loss of data such as client information, invoices, emails, project plans and other important documents can have a severe impact on the company finances. Not only can the data loss bring severe repercussions for the business which lost the data, but in some cases it can have a knock on effect upon their clients.

At DiskEng we fully understand the pressure our clients face when a failure of their storage system occurs. Not only are our service tailored to suit your requirements, with an 24 hour emergency available if necessary, but team of dedicated data recovery experts are trained to keep you updated about the progress of your recovery.

Never Take a Risk With Your Media

One of the biggest issues DiskEng face is when a client or an agent they have given their storage media to has attempted to recovery the data. While there are many instances where such an approach has been successful, your data is put at an unnecessary risk.

When a failure occurs, it is important that you do not panic and allow yourself to be guided into attempting something which could result in data loss. Many failures, such a physical hard disk drive problem, will only get worse with each attempt that is made to recover data.

Whether your data is stored on a RAID server, USB flash device, tape backup, laptop, desktop or external disk, you should power the computer down and avoid taking any actions which could result in further damage. In some instances, just powering your computer on, or placing the tape in the drive could in the worst case result in losing the opportunity to recover your data.

An internet search will reveal many proposed solutions to almost every type of failure, but these are often specific to a particular device and a single problem, neither of which may be applicable to your case. If your data is important to you, never take any risk, as the wrong action could result in a total loss of data which could put the future of your company in jeopardy. Always seek advice from a professional data recovery company, such as DiskEng, who can advise you on the best way to proceed in recovering your data.

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