Data Conversion

In order to keep up with the latest technological advances and the increase in capacity required to efficiently back up data from the largest hard disk drives there have been a multitude of different tape formats over the years, using a whole variety of backup software. Often advances within a single tape technology would leave an older version incompatible with the latest drive.

Although tape media has a long lifespan, it will eventually start to deteriorate, even when stored in optimal environmental conditions. If these factors are ignored it will become difficult to restore old archive data when it is required, either through damage to the media, lack of a compatible tape drive or the backup software required to restore the data is not compatible with the latest operating system.

Legacy Format Data CartridgesThis is the reason that our data conversion, media conversion, data migration and data duplication services are important, as it allows you keep pace with the most recent advances in technology and avoid the condition of the media becoming an issue. By converting to newer storage media, more data can be held on a single tape cartridge, while it will be quicker and easier to access.

At DiskEng we have a vast selection of tape drives, many of which are legacy formats, allowing us to convert your data, which may also have been backed up using long since obsolete backup software to new media. With the reduction in currently available tape formats, the race to keep pace with the technology is less of a problem, but should not be ignored.

If you receive a demand for electronic disclosure of all your data, you will almost certainly require our tape data conversion service, as there is a strong likelihood that you will have many old legacy tapes for which you no longer have the right tape drive or software.

Within the storage industry our tape data conversion services are regularly recommended for a wide range of tape media and tape backup formats. No matter which format your data was written using we can convert the files to a format which can be used on any modern system.

If you required data conversion services, be it for a single tape cartridge or large batch of tapes, we can process your data. Contact us now to discuss your requirement with full details of data cartridges, the backup format if know and the media and format it needs to be convert to. Our tape data conversion specialist then be able to tell what the options are and any recommendations which could help the efficiency of the whole process.

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