DiskEng’s DiskWatch utility is lightweight software used to monitor the health of the hard disk drives installed in a computer. Developed by the DiskEng Software Development team this software utility is available for download using the following link.


Why DiskWatch Is Needed?

One thing about hard disk drives we can be sure of is that they will eventually fail, unless they are replaced this occurs. Although this is common knowledge which should make us think about backing up our data we are often too lazy thinking that we’ll do it tomorrow. This approach does of course in general work but continue to do this day after day you can be sure that disaster will eventually strike.

The lifespan of a hard disk drive is determine by a large number of factors whether it is operational or not. The running temperature one of the most important factors which will reduce the lifespan of each component of the drive, such as the controller board, motor spindle or read/write heads.

By the time the operating system starts to report hard disk drive problems to the user it may already be too late, as the presence of media flaws could be doing damage to your data. Cooling is an essential aspect of any computer case as they maintain airflow which is necessary to ensure all components stay cool. If a fan fails, the temperature inside the case could rise extremely rapidly. Such a temperature rise may lead to a system crash usually because the CPU or GPU have overheated. It is almost certain that your hard disk drives will also run at a temperature which is likely to reduce their lifespan.

Why Install DiskWatch?

The temperature of all the hard disks in your computer are constantly monitored, any potentially damaging temperatures resulting in a warning message displayed. The S.M.A.R.T. data from the drive is also monitored with any immediate health warning displayed to the user.

You may continue to use your computer, but it is advisable not to ignore such warnings and ensure that any data on the hard disk drive for which a warning was issued has been secured. Relying upon these warnings should not be used as a substitute for a proper backup strategy, as some failures can happen very rapidly. Using DiskWatch may however, give you enough time to ensure your data is safe or fix a problem which causing the airflow to be insufficient.

Supplied Without Warranty

The DiskWatch Software Utility is supplied on an “as is” basis with no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

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