External USB Drive Failure Tottenham

“Many thanks for getting my data back after my external drive stopped working. A friend recommended DiskEng to me. Excellent service.”

M Baylem, Tottenham

A Seagate external hard disk drive arrived at our data recovery office in Fleet Street, London from Tottenham. The external enclosure contained a Seagate 1TB hard disk drive, which when examined by our hardware data recovery specialists, was found to be suffering a PCB fault, which had caused the power regulator to burn out. The most likely cause of such failure is a power surge, although continually operating the drive at high temperature can also produce the same fault.

Our hardware data recovery engineers were able to overcome the problem caused by the damaged power regulation, allowing them to secure a sector-by-sector image of the drive. Approximately 50 unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process.

Our software data recovery engineers examined the secured image of the drive, which was found to contain a single 1TB NTFS data volume. This volume contained approximately 310GB of muisic files, videos, documents and assorted image files. A scan revealed that about ten unimportant had suffered damage, as a result of the unreadable bad sectors. The data was extracted and returned to the customer on a new external USB hard disk drive.

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