Dropped USB Drive Battersea

“After my external drive slipped off my desk onto the floor it would not appear on my laptop again. I took it back to the shop and they advised me to send it for data recovery, suggesting DiskEng. Great job recovering the most important files, particularly my scanned photos, my novels and accounts data. Many thanks.”

Steven Arnold, Battersea

An external drive unit arrived at our Fleet Street office in London from Battersea. An inspection of the unit revealed it to contain a 1TB Western Digital drive, which when examined by our data recovery specialist, was found to a have suffered a failure of the read/write heads. Our engineers could overcome the problem with the drive using donor parts, allowing them to secure a sector-by-sector copy of the drive. During the imaging process, approximately 50 unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

It is fortunate that the drive was not in operation at the time it suffered the impact, as this may have result have resulted in the read/write heads impacting with the surface of the platters. When the drive was reattached to a computer, it is fortunate that the drive was unable to spin up properly, reducing the chances of further damage occurring. It appears that the bad sectors encountered during the imaging process were the result of normal wear and tear which occurs during the normal operation of the drive.

The secured copy of the drive image was analysed by our data recovery specialists, revealing the disk to contain a single 1TB NTFS data volume. The detailed analysis of the partition revealed it to contain approximately 575GB of assorted files consisting mainly of office documents, accounts data, music files and photos. A scan revealed the bad sectors encountered during the imaging process had caused damage to a couple of music files, but had not caused damage to the most critical files, such as the photos, office documents and accounts files.

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