Dead Hard Drive Kensington

“Great work in returning my files quickly. Many thanks. Thought they might be gone forever when my computer went bang after turning it on and an acrid smell came up.”

Jeff Emerson, Kensington

We received a 2TB HGST desktop hard disk drive at our Fleet Street offices in London from Kensington. An examination of the drive by our hardware data recovery specialists revealed that a faulty power connector had caused a short circuit to occur, resulting the power rails fusing. Once the fault had been rectified by our hardware recovery engineers, they could secure a sector-by-sector image of the drive. During the imaging process about a dozen unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

Our data recovery specialists examined the image copy of the disk finding it to contain a single 2TB NTFS data volume. A scan by our data recovery specialists revealed it to contain approximately 320GB of data files, consisting of the operating system and program files, videos, mp3s, photos and many office documents. A scan of the recoverable files for bad sectors revealed them to be only affecting a couple of non-essential system files. The data was extracted to an external USB hard disk drive for return to the customer.

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