Smashed Laptop Recovery Fulham

“Thanks for get all my files back after my laptop was smashed up in an accident. Thoroughly recommended.”

Todd Jameson, Fulham

We received laptop containing a 1TB Toshiba laptop hard disk drive at our laboratory in Fleet Street London from Fulham. The laptop showed signs of having suffered a lot of damage, meaning the hard drive had suffered a severe impact. An examination of the drive by our hardware data recovery specialists revealed that the spindle motor assemble and the read/write heads had both been damaged, consistent with impact damage.

Using donor parts our hardware data recovery engineers were able to overcome the problems, allowing them to secure a sector-by-sector copy of the drive. During the imaging process approximately two hundred unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

An inspection of the secured image by our data recovery specialists revealed it to contain a single 1TB NTFS volume containing approximately 720GB of data consisting of the operating sytem and program files, as well as many music, video and image files, mailbox data and a large number of assorted office documents. The data was written to an external USB drive for return to the customer.

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