Seagate Revive Maxtor External Drives

From the time, Seagate acquired Maxtor hard disk technology in 2006, they slowly discontinued Maxtor branded internal hard disk drives and later external hard disk enclosures. Seagate have recently reintroduced Maxtor branded external hard disk enclosures in some countries selling value products.

This decision was confirmed by Seagate on 1st December, with two model ranges available, the M3 Portable and D3 Station models, aimed at the value end of the market. With the state of the world economy and the demand for external hard disk storage extremely high, being able to offer a value product is essential.

The M3 Portable range is available in 5 sizes, starting with the smallest drive at 500GB with 4TB the largest available. The case is a compact size, ideal for transporting between locations, such as the home and the office, when large amounts of data need to be transferred.

The D3 Desktop range is also available in 5 sizes, starting at 1TB and increasing in 1TB increments to 5TB the largest drive. The case used for the D3 is slightly larger and better suited for permanent or semi-permanent attachment to a desktop computer. The larger size may also allow for better airflow and cooling.

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