Failed iMac Clerkenwell

“Brilliant service. Thought I lost some very important architectural plans when my iMac would not boot up. Very thankful to have them and my other data back again.”

Albert T Morgan, Clerkenwell

An Apple iMac was delivered to our office in Fleet Street London from Clerkenwell. An inspection of the iMac by our data recovery specialists revealed it to contain a 1TB Western Digital hard disk drive. This hard disk drive was inspected by our hardware data recovery engineers finding no obvious faults.

Our data recovery engineers secured a secure a sector-by-sector image of the drive to one our servers. During the process of imaging the drive a single unreadable bad sector was encountered. Several attempts were made to secure this single sector, initially resulting in failure, before a successful read was made. When a bad sector is encountered it is sometimes possible to secure it by attempting several different methods. This only attempted once all other sectors have been secured, in order to ensure no further damage could result in loss of data, should it occur.

Our data recovery specialists examined the image of the drive finding to contained a single 1TB HFS+ data volume. When this data volume was examined, it was found that the initially unreadable bad sector contained the volume header, essential for mounting the partition. Our data recovery engineers were able to over this problem, allowing them to analyse the file system, finding approximately 230GB of files. The recoverable data consisted of the operating system, application files, many office documents, including Word files, Excel workbooks as well as the vital architectural plans. These files were written to an external drive for return to the customer.

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