Disk Missing in BIOS Hammersmith

“Many thanks for recovering my data following my computer crashing. The PC shop suggested sending the drive for data recovery.”

John Carroll, Hammersmith

A 4TB Seagate hard disk drive at our Fleet Street office in London from Hammersmith. An examination of the hard disk drive by our hardware data recovery engineers revealed the failure was due to a firmware chip fault. Such a fault occurs most often when the drive has been running too hot, which caused the drive not to be seen at boot time by the BIOS.

Our hardware recovery specialists were able to overcome the problem which allowed them to secure a sector by sector image of the drive. During the imaging process, approximately four hundred unreadable bad sectors were encountered. Unreadable bad sectors are a common issue with hard disk drives which have been running for long periods of time at a high operating temperature.

When our data recovery specialists examined the secured image, it revealed a single 4TB NTFS data volume. An examination of the volume revealed it to contain approximately 1.2TB of files, consisting of the operating system and program files, photos, videos, music files, mailbox data and a large selection of office documents. Our engineers scaned the recovered data revealing the damage caused by the unreadable bad sectors was confined to operating system and program files, with no effect upon any of the client data.

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