Deleted Linux Partition Merton

”Many thanks for returning my very important files, after I mistakenly deleted both partitions from my disk. I attempted to recreate the partition table, but the volume failed to mount, so decided data recovery was the best option.”

Roland Hayward, Merton

We received a 2TB HGST hard disk drive arrived at our laboratory in Fleet Street from Merton. An inspection of the hard disk drive by our hardware data recovery engineers revealing there to be no physical or electronic problems. Our data recovery specialists were then able to secure a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive to our servers. No unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process.

When our data recovery specialists examined the secured image of the drive they found a single partition detailed, which did not point to a boot sector. Our data recovery specialists search the data revealing a pair of XFS volumes, each 1TB in size. One of the partions was found to be empty, while the partition with the required data was found to contain approximately 730GB of data which consisted of a large number of photos, image scans, music files, assorted backup archives, several databases and many office documents. The recovered data was extracted to an external USB drive for returned to the customer.

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