Dead Laptop Recovery Wembley

“Very glad to get my files back after the laptop suddenly stopped working. Many thanks. Good service. Would recommend to everybody. “

I Patel, Wembley

A Toshiba laptop containing a Toshiba 1TB hard disk drive arrived from Wembley at our London Fleet Street laboratory. An examination of the drive revealed the spindle motor assembly had malfunctioned, causing the drive to fail. Our hardware data recovery engineers were able to over the problem using donor parts, allowing them to secure a sector-by-sector image of the drive. Approximately twenty unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process.

An analysis of the image by our data recovery specialists revealed a 1TB NTFS volume, which contained approximately 480GB of data. The recoverable files included the operating system and program files, many photos, music and video files and an assortment of office documents. The volume was scanned revealing that the bad sectors were in unused thereby not affecting any files.

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