Damaged SSD Laptop Drive Mayfair

“A confusion with power supplies resulted in plugging the wrong one into my laptop, which immediately powered down. It refused to start again. Delighted with the service which returned all my photos and fashion design pictures.”

Emma Farhqar-Jones, Mayfair

We received a 256GB SanDisk SSD drive at our Fleet Street office in London from Mayfair. The report indicated that the wrong power supply had been plugged into the laptop while it was still operational. Even after plugging the correct one in, the drive failed to be seen by the laptop.

An inspection of the SSD by our hardware specialists determined that by using the incorrect power supply the controller chip had been severely damaged. This caused the drive not to appear in the laptop’s BIOS. Our hardware data recovery specialists located the chips used to store the data in order to secured images of them to our servers.

Software was then required to de-interleave the data, before a virtual volume was created. This virtual volume was then analysed by our data recovery software which revealed a single 256GB Windows 10 installation. This NTFS volume was found to contain approximatley 170GB of files, consisting of operating system and program files, music files, videos, photos, other image files and assorted office documents. These were written to an external USB drive for return to the customer.

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