Damaged RAID 0 Paddington

“Thoroughly recommend this service. Many thanks for recovering some important presentations which were stored on the laptop I dropped. After that it would not restart again and made some strange buzzing noises.”

Graham Whetstone, Westminster

A Toshiba laptop arrived at our London office in Fleet Street from Westminster, a crack in the corner of the case a clear indication of it having been dropped. A 1TB Toshiba hard disk drive was inspected by our hardware data recovery engineers, who found that the spindle motor assembly and the read/write heads had been damaged as a result of the impact.

In order to overcome these problems, our hardware data recover specialists had to dismantle the drive and completely rebuild it using new donor parts. This allowed our data recovery engineers to take a secure a sector-by-sector image of the drive to one our servers. Fortunately, the laptop had been powered off when the incident occurred, so that during the imaging process no unreadable bad sectors were encountered. It is fortunate that drive was unable to move the platters following the failure, otherwise damage may have resulted when the laptop was powered back up.

The image of the drive was examined by our data recovery engineers who found a single 1TB NTFS data volume containing approximately 485GB of files, consisting of the operating system, program files and a large number of office documents, including Word files, Excel workbooks, several Access databases and many PowerPoint presentations. The files were returned to the customer on an external hard disk drive.

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