Business Desktop and Server Systems

With electronic data now one of the most important parts of any business, your choice of desktop computers and server systems should be considered carefully. For many companies, especially those in large cities, such as London, it is quite common to have a contract for maintenance when you purchase new IT equipment.

Whether you have a contract or decide you cannot afford or wish to do it yourself, it is important to understand that you must have a contingency plan in place, to guard against the failure of a storage device. If you have not ensured that the data is backed up, the only option available following a failure is to send the storage device for data recovery.

Maintenance and Prevention

By ensuring that your computers and servers have regular maintenance, it may help to avoid some of the most common issues, such as overheating of a hard disk drive. For servers, especially those which are required to be continuously available, that redundancy is built in, such as extra power supplies or even a failover server.

When positioning computers on or under a desk, it is all too common for them to be placed next to a radiator or heater, which may cause them to run at a high temperature. The more computers you have, the more heat that will be generated, such that many offices now require air-conditioning, even during the middle of winter. This ensures that not only are the staff comfortable, but also helps to avoid the computers running hot.

Backup and Security

For any business an extremely important aspect of any computer network are the security and backup procedures. If these are not adequate, you leave your company open to spyware and malware attacks and the possibility of data loss in the event of a failure.

There are many possible solutions for providing security and data backup, which will give you peace of mind, but should not allow you to become complacent. All these systems must be regularly checked, to ensure everything is operating correctly, otherwise you risk data loss and the continuity of your business.

Business Data Recovery

It is important to put a business continuity plan, because although rare, a disaster could occur at any time, from a simple hard disk drive failure, a fire, flood or other catastrophic event causing the failure of a storage device. It is essential that you do not take any risks with these storage devices, such as allowing an unqualified engineer or employee to attempt to recover the data, as they may cause further damage or make the recovery process more complicated.

Failed storage devices, such as hard disk drives or RAID arrays should be powered down before consulting with a professional data recovery company, such as DiskEng. They will give you guidance about our data recovery solutions and how best to proceed.

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