Apple Mac Failure Queensbury

“Excellent work to return my files. Many thanks. Highly recommended. I’d have been lost without the files on my Mac.”

Barry Siek, Queensbury

A Western Digital 2TB hard disk drive at our London Fleet Street laboratory from Queensbury. An examination of the drive by our hardware data recovery specialists revealed no physical damage had occurred to the hard disk. Our hardware data recovery engineers secured a sector-by-sector copy of the drive. During the imaging process approximately a dozen unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

The image was analysed by our data recovery specialists revealed a 2TB HFS+ data volume which had suffered damage to the system areas at the front of the volume, resulting in the volume being unable to successfully mount. Our data recovery specialists were able to overcome problem finding it to contain approximately 910GB of data. The data consisted of the operating system and application files as well as a huge quantity of photos and many music and video files plus many office documents. An analysis of the bad sectors revealed them to all be clustered in the system areas at the start of the volume, whch did not affect the recovery of the files

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