10TB WD Gold Datacentre Drive

Last week Western Digital Corporation started shipping their highest capacity datacentre drive to date, when by adding a 10TB version of their WD Gold drive to the range. The previous highest capacity was 8TB, meaning the latest 10TB drive increases the capacity by 25% while improving the operational power efficiency by 8%. Improved reliability and faster sequential access performance are important features of the latest addition to the WD Gold range of drives.

The WD Gold range of datacentre drives have been designed to be used in a wide range of situations, starting with small and medium scale enterprises server and data storage solutions, right through to large scale rack mounted servers and data storage arrays.

The WD Gold range, according to Western Digital Corporation are seen as a key component within their range of storage solutions. It is key that these products not only provide the highest level of reliability for any hard disk drive currently available, but must also be seen as good value within the enterprise sector of the market.

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